Search engine optimization as a process

Quick successes in search engine optimization are unfortunately rarely sustainable. We understand successful SEO as a process that requires ongoing optimization measures, because the competition does not sleep either. Customers will always find what they are looking for online. The question is: Who do you find? You or your competition? So the question is not whether you do SEO - the question is when.

We do State of the Art SEO according to the White Hat SEO principle. We follow the guidelines of the search engines and develop holistic optimization concepts and content that your visitors want to find. This is how sustainable successes are achievable.

Our SEO services

Keyword research

We research the right and relevant keywords for you, with which you can strategically reach your target group. Among other things, we also analyze your competitive situation and discover niches with which you can stand out from your competitors. The trick in the choice of keywords is, among other things, to clearly define your own topics, as well as to recognize and use opportunities of special keywords. Of course, it also plays a big role to find out how your own website can rank particularly well for the selected keywords.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the be-all and end-all of inbound marketing. Landing pages are pages that are specifically optimized for relevant focus keywords. The goal here is that potential customers and users "land" on your page guided by their own needs and interests.

For this purpose, the content must be formulated according to the target group and be Google-optimized in order to maintain and increase the interest of the users. We help to design the landing pages optimally and to improve the findability on Google.

OnPage optimizations

On Page Optimization is one of the basics of search engine optimization. We analyse and optimise the page structure and content of a website, pay attention to page titles, headings, meta data and the right keyword density. Loading times and code quality are also analyzed.

As an experienced web design agency with a focus on WordPress, we can optimize websites from the ground up and increase your ranking chances.

OffPage Optimization

OffPage optimization includes checking the quantity and quality of linking (through backlinks) of the website on the Internet. Websites with a negative reputation should therefore not be in the context of your own website. In contrast, high-quality pages whose content and region are relevant must contain direct links (follow links) to one's own website.

For Google, the relationships between web pages are important indicators for evaluating search engine relevance.

Statistical evaluations and analysis

The analysis of statistics on visibility and positioning is a must-have for every well-run website that wants to continuously increase traffic. The results of the statistical analyses provide a basis for the ongoing optimization of one's own site and - depending on the website goal - also for the improvement of conversions or interactions.

Consulting on web analysis tools

As a web-savvy agency, we don't have a blinkered view. We also support you with website maintenance and handling of common web analysis tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads or the Google Search Console.

In addition, we also offer support in social media strategies and make targeted recommendations for the best possible use of these various tools - always with a focus on the individual goal you are pursuing with your website.

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