WordPress for your intranet solution

There are some good reasons for using WordPress as an intranet solution: The licensing costs, flexible extensibility or even the ease of use when updating the content.

WordPress is a highly efficient platform when it comes to organization communication, announcements, file sharing or any other organization related activities.

At this point we would like to present our learnings from practice, as well as some application purposes we have realized for our customers.


Modules / Functions

WordPress can also be optimized in the intranet area through numerous extensions.

search engine optimization

Intelligent search

The default WordPress search can search all content on the intranet: Blog posts, pages or even specific content types. With an extension, documents such as PDFs can also be indexed. This does not require an external interface, but is implemented directly in the intranet.

Responsive Web Design

Modern responsive design

Actually, it should be self-evident today and yet we have encountered some dusty solutions in practice. WordPress offers a simple and attractive way to make the intranet solution easy to use for all devices.

viral marketing

News and Events

By means of blog posts, you can report on internal company news in chronological order. But also an event calendar with announcements is possible or a comment function for the mutual exchange among each other.

corporate hierarchy

Address directory

With our own developed address directory you can quickly and easily see the most important contact details of your employees, as well as portrait photos or even the department, groups, teams, etc.. All information can be searched and filtered.

School books

knowledge base

A knowledge base is similar to a wiki, a collection of all relevant information. Grouped by chapter and category, individual articles can be commented on or even rated. This allows you to create comprehensive and interactive documentation and instructions.

SEO Strategy


One of the interesting features we find is the autolinking. This means that words that appear in another context in the intranet are automatically linked to the corresponding article. So you can navigate faster and easier within the intranet.

Prices and license fees

Since WordPress is open source, there are no licensing costs for the basic configuration. However, depending on the requirements, license costs for individual functions may arise. For example, the connection to an Active Directory, the LDAP integration for the login. However, the costs for this are in the manageable range of approx. CHF 300.- per year. The possible server costs also remain within a very modest range, as no high-performance machines are required here for internal purposes.

Speaking of servers: We can implement the WordPress intranet solution as a classic cloud solution, where you can log in from anywhere in the world via website login, or we can set up the entire intranet on your internal network. A virtual machine based on Windows Server 2016 is already enough for us.

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