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Lead generation is made easy with Leadinfo's software! Through unique data matching, you can now see who is really surfing your website and thus generate B2B leads.

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What is Leadinfo?

98% of visitors to your website leave it unrecognized. An efficient lead generation is therefore difficult. With Leadinfo you can identify companies that visit your website and make them into customers. No more waiting for incoming emails, calls or contact forms. Leadinfo's software works for your company's lead generation!

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Website Optimization

Identify anonymous B2B website visitors

Leadinfo's software monitors lead generation and recognizes your website visitors. This is done by matching IP addresses with Leadinfo's unique databases.


Convert website visitors into customers

With Leadinfo you can easily track recurring visitors and page views of your website. Turn your visitors into targeted customers. It can be easily added to your CRM/ERP software.

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Increase your sales through lead generation

Achieve a real ROI with Leadinfo's software. The information obtained provides the basis for marketing or cross-selling activities and converting website visitors into customers.

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More leads for your company


Data-driven marketing

Track your marketing campaigns and export data for your offline and online campaigns. You have access to valuable data such as name and address information, industry information, number of employees and all registered visitor data.

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increase sales

View your website visitors the way you view your emails. We display a comprehensive company profile and site visit details of every B2B visitor we recognize. This helps you convert prospects into customers and increase sales.


Advancing corporate strategy

The powerful dashboard shows you all the information you need to develop your strategy at a glance. For example, are you focusing on the right industry based on the data? Do you recognize changes in your customer structure early on?

Integrate Leadinfo easily into your workflow

Easily link Leadinfo to your existing software. Use the company data used by Leadinfo on your own website to offer visitors a personalized experience.

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Integrate lead info on the website

tracking and tracing

Simply have the tracking code inserted by flink think

The Leadinfo tracking code is a breeze to add, within minutes via Google Tag Manager, WordPress or via code. As an agency, we will of course do the inserting for you!


Link Leadinfo with your existing software

Link Leadinfo effortlessly with your existing software. The company profiles can be linked to the comprehensive company information be added by Leadinfo to get even better insights. You can easily send hot leads to colleagues based on rules, enrich company information in your CRM or add companies to your marketing automation funnel.

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