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Besides web design, we have specialized in online marketing with Google Ads. Through this digital form of advertising, your buyer group is optimally reached. With Search Engine Advertising you can achieve more visibility within a very short time. This increases your turnover significantly. SEA also requires professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As professionals, we know how to achieve effective results from a campaign. Successful online marketing is not magic, but it is based on precise implementation. We would love to work with you and look forward to hearing from you!

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As agency for Google advertising we constantly stay on the ball and analyze the market. Because the essential criteria for good search engine marketing is extensive. If you are not familiar with them, you risk spending a lot of money and time on the wrong measures. You should rather let our services convince you! For our customers, we research the relevant keywords and exclude "negative" keywords at the same time. Furthermore, we give budget recommendations that create a fixed cost framework.

We are here for you! Your partner for search engine marketing (SEA) with Google Ads in Basel

We at flink think are at your side as an agency for search engine advertising as well as online marketing. With individual Google Ads campaigns and SEO optimizations we help you to more visibility on the web.

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Why search engine advertising?

It is very likely that your potential customers are mainly looking for information online. Google is the clear favorite search engine. With a market share of more than 90 percent, Google beats all other competitors by far. Therefore, Google Ads brings you in regards to visibility and presence a lot of advantages. As an experienced Google Ads agency, we create search result-based ads (advanced search ads, display ads, etc.). We also design image banners for display ads and YouTube advertising.

Concentrated knowledge in the area of SEA & SEO

Extensive expertise is required on the terrain of online marketing. We have it and are happy to put our know-how to work for you. Besides SEA (Search Engine Advertising), we also look after you in the area of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In order to advertise successfully and sustainably, the content should also convey what your ad promises.

We know exactly how to use these areas so that your advertising is crowned with visible success. With our concentrated knowledge and fresh ideas, we help you as an SEA agency to the first places in the ranking. We do this highly effectively and within your choice of budget.


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Measurable effectiveness in online marketing

Conventional advertising is increasingly being replaced by Internet advertising. Consumers use the Internet intensively for their search for services and products. In addition, there is the great advantage of the immediate measurability of clicks and page views. The transparent traceability of user behaviour shows us how to reach your prospective buyers without detours. We analyze for you the best possible outcome. Together with you, we dynamically adapt our advertising strategies to this. The Search engine advertising makes success effectively measurable. Take advantage of your benefits!

Search engine advertising with Google Ads as a success factor

Creating ads in Google Ads is just the beginning of success. If your potential customers land on your website that shines in a user-friendly, clear and innovative design, this offers a high added value. A potential customer decides in the first few seconds whether he wants to stay on this page and finds what he is looking for. This also has a huge impact on the quality factor of your ads in Google Ads. In short: a keyword-optimized, a fast landing page with a modern design helps your ad appear at the top of the search results.

As a full marketing agency with comprehensive know-how in web design, we are happy to create or optimize your landing page or entire website. You would like to learn more? Get in touch with us.

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Sophisticated concepts for maximum effect

Search engines select. Therefore, your business will only be found under the right search terms. Because with Google Ads you only pay for clicks, there is no significant scattering loss. With our sophisticated concepts, we effectively push you forward. Appealing content and eye-catching design ensure the necessary attention. In combination with the strongest search terms and keywords, we quickly generate your perfect target group. With this, we show you noticeable competitive advantages and more customer potential. Do you want more presence and higher sales? Give us a call - we'll explain how it works! 

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Search engine advertising: Your advantages with Google Ads

Running search engine advertising (SEA) in Google Ads comes with some benefits and is as flexible as you are. You don't have any experience in Google Ads yet? We not only create your campaigns according to best practice, but also manage them and optimize them continually. We are happy to create your personal reporting.

Flexible and individual ad texts

Complete cost control

Increasing visibility

Measurable performance results

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Frequently asked questions about search engine advertising and Google Ads

By placing ads in Google Ads, you can gain more visibility and be found quickly and flexibly in Google search results. Setting a daily budget offers complete cost control - so you only spend the maximum you set for your budget. You can narrow down the target group as well as the region in which the search queries are made and your ad is to be played out.

What makes Google so special? About 5.6 billion search queries Google receives - per day. Therefore, it pays off if you place yourself where your potential customers are looking for products or services. Even with a small budget, Google Ads can bring success.

Google Ads offers many different formats of search engine advertising. In addition to the usual search ads, display ads, Google Shopping Ads, or YouTube Ads can also be placed. Depending on the format, the click prices and also the marketing goals vary. 

Google Ads is ideal for measuring your successes as well as analysing it. Google Ads Conversion Tracking offers you the possibility to track your conversions. A conversion is always an action that the potential customer performs, which you can define personally. For example, it could be signing up for a newsletter, completing an order, or filling out a contact form. So that you can track whether a conversion is triggered via your ads, this is conveniently shown to you via conversion tracking.

So you can see which Campaign, Display, Keywords or landing pagelike successful is.

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